Introduction to Service Desk

I believe that if you get the service desk structure and implementation right, half your job is done. Service desk is the most important unit of any organization, and they make or break your business. So, beware, and take extra care on how the service desk is put in place. Service desk topic is huge, and this post is just the beginning. I will briefly introduce the service desk function

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Why must Organizations Implement ITIL? (Benefits of ITIL) – Part 1

Implementing ITIL is not inexpensive. It takes plenty of effort and costs escalate depending on the complexity of the processes. The implementation calls for workforce for owning and managing processes, and certain tools to aid in achieving specific targets. In short, if an organization needs to implement ITIL, even with minimal set of processes, they must shell out considerable amount of capital expenditure (capex) and ongoing operational expenditure (opex). If

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15 Project Management Quotes

Here are some amazing quotes on project management and they inspire! Remember that projects are temporary so the engagement on a project is short compared to service industry and also the things that we ought to learn on the go and apply are incredibly challenging. Courtesy :  

ITIL 2011 : Strategy Management for IT Services

One of the new processes that is formally added in ITIL 2011 is the Strategy Management for IT Services (SMITS). In effect, this process had always existed, but not compartmentalized as a full blown process. As the process name indicates, it falls under Strategy Phase. The objective of this process is to define a direction for IT service management in order to ensure maximum value for the organization, and optimize the efforts and ensure buy in

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6 Tips for Becoming a Better People Manager

People management is a skill that you can never master fully. Even after leading teams for a number of years, you will be amazed to learn something new that pops up every now and then. Learning is the essential part of any people manager, and today I will present the first set of tips to help you become a better people manager. 

ITIL 2011 Changes (Compared to ITIL V3)

ITIL 2011 contains 5 phases – service strategy, service design, service transition, service support and continual service improvement. Twenty five processes make the new ITIL 2011 across the five phases. Below are the changes that are effected in ITIL 2011 from ITIL V3 which came out in 2007. The changes are not major, but it is worth taking note of to be fully prepared for consultation queries and interviews. Over

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Personal Branding 101 : Improving Personal Brand

You get hired, you get fired, you go up the ladder and you are able to attract investors for your start-up – all this based on the brand you carry, we call this the personal brand. Stronger brands attract people, opportunities and envy while weaker ones break the existing ones and stays aloof of networking and consequently hinders the chances of success. Last week I wrote on what a personal

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What Exactly is the PMI-ACP Exam?

Have you been hearing coworkers talk about taking the Project Management Institute® Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®? Or have you been seeing the acronym PMI-ACP® more frequently? Has that left you wondering what exactly the PMI-ACP Exam is and if it is for you? Here we will look into what PMI-ACP means and provide you with information outlining the exam requirements, the exam content, and what you need to do to

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