Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Change management is a governance process in ITIL and it exists to ensure that only the beneficial changes are allowed to go in, and reduce the risks to IT services when changes are not successful. Change management is like a watchdog for all the proposed changes. It ensures that all the proposed changes are analyzed, approved appropriately and supervised to closure....
Many modern soothsayers predicted that ITIL will cease to exist when DevOps pace picks up. Well, DevOps has picked up rapidly in the last couple of years, and there is no talk of ITIL giving way to something else in the dawn of DevOps. In fact, I consult with clients to keep ITIL speeding along with ITIL. So what...

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A Village Named ‘Google’ In North Karnataka, India

The birth of the cyber company Google was sometime in the 90s and the name was patented around the same time...

Strategic Changes on Abhinav PMP | IT Blog

You might have noticed that a number of posts on this blog disappeared last week. They are a result of some...

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The following sample question for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam may be freely published in newsletters, websites, blogs and other media of your organization. For newsletters it is a good practice to include the question...
A study conducted by Dr Kate Ratliff of Florida University has revealed something that has always been doubted but never accepted. A series of tests conducted shows that men look forward to seeing their spouses or...
Tech giant IBM has done the unthinkable, at least in the sense of cutting salaries for employees with redundant skills in the US. The company has issued a blanket cut of 10% for all employees...

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Feedly Held for Ransom; No Negotiations after Techs Intervene

Cyber crime is on the rise. Kidnapping of individuals has now turned to websites being held hostage for ransom. Feedly, the...

Big Breakfast = Gain Weight

I had started to believe that big breakfasts make you thinner - this theory was stated across forums and has been...

8 Tips for Managing Time during Meetings

Time management is a farce. We have never managed to either stop time nor slow it down. So, we cannot manage...

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