New Gadget in my Quiver : Canon PowerShot SX120 IS Digital Camera

I picked up a new digital camera yesterday – Canon PowerShot SX120 IS. Being a big fan of Canon, I have always wanted to have a camera manufactured by them.

I paid 16k for the camera and I got a Reebok watch and Reebok sunglasses free with it, along with 2GB memory card. And, I bargained for a carry case as well.

When I started browsing different Canon models, this one particularly caught my eye for its bulkiness more than anything. I strongly believe that cameras should be bulky to give you stability to capture images, rather than the Canon IXUS models which are feather light and sometimes I am paranoid that I might discard things that don’t weigh as much.

Anyways, I did some reading about the camera after I bought it, which is probably not a very good practice. And, I found that the ratings for the camera hover consistently around 70%-80% which is not bad at all for an inexpensive digital camera.

In brief, the camera offers a best resolution of 10MP, which is perhaps the flavor of the town and has 10X zoom. And, a number of macro features.

If you are planning on buying the Canon PowerShot SX120 IS, make sure you read reviews and this is the best of the lot.

The next gadget on my wish-list is a 40+” LCD and a home theater. I think I will have both these around June next year.


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