The Blue Moon Phenomenon

I have and most of us have used the term once in a blue moon several times, without knowing the actualities behind it. I vaguely remember that a friend had told me that a blue moon occurred once every 55 years. At that time, I did not bother to figure out what it actually meant.

Tonight, several regions across Asia and Australia will witness the blue moon, which will in fact take us to the next year. If you are spiritual person, you would probably associate something supernatural with this phenomenon indeed.

Generally, a full moon is visible once every month, as the turn around time (excuse my IT language) is 29.5 days and unless, a full moon is visible within the first 2 days of a 31 day month, it will most certainly come back the next month.

This time around, the first full moon was visible on the 2nd of December and will once again shore up tonight, making it an anomaly of sorts. This phenomenon is called as the blue moon. And, it happens once every 2.7 years to exact (and not 55).

Another rarity of this blue moon is the timing and the past history it is attached to. The last time a blue moon occurred during the New Year’s eve through the following year was in the 19th century. Wow! Even my great grandfathers missed this opportunity. If you miss this due to New Year festivities, don’t worry, it will take place in 2028 and 2066 as well. Just hope that all will be well until then!!!

The eclipse is partial and will begin at 10.45pm on Thursday and continue till 2.59am on Friday. And, India is the best place to witness it.

Co-incidentally, Blue Moon is my favorite beer and we don’t get it in this part of the world (sadly).

Originally published on Say What!!! on 31st of December, 2009 which was a blue moon day in India.

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