A New Era has Begun

I am not big on the number of days I spend on this planet nor superstitious about the numbers in the age column. But, I feel it today, having completed three decades makes me feel older than I am. It feels like I wasn’t ready yet to turn uncle.

Yes, I turned thirty today and definitely not the proudest day of my life. I was born in the afternoon at 1622 hours, and I am glad the doc waited two minutes more than she should have.

Reflecting on my twenties, I know it from the bottom of my chest that I have failed more than I could succeed. I wish I could have been at a better place. I want to change things around now, can I? As Hiro Nakamura says, I don’t want to mess with what was destined to happen, and I am speaking as though the capability has always been around.

The last ten years have been significant greatly, and is perhaps the most important decade of my life. I realized it after I moved into the next one, sadly. I graduated, started my career, and I am well on my way to achieving my professional goals. Yet, I am unhappy, why? I am selfish and probably am affected with dissatisfaction syndrome.

Looking back at the past does not do much good, I have a whole new decade staring at me. I should probably make plans, and continue the action plan I made last year successfully. I don’t want to start reflecting on my thirties when I reach forty with a sorry face. I want to achieve, I want to reach my goals, however difficult they may be.

One major goal that I have been aspiring for the past year and a half is to finish writing a book. I have two that have started and are far away as possible from completion. The first is a fictional novel that is in the conceptual stages. I have fondly named it Million Dreams, and it is perhaps a reflection of my life, the past twenty years at least. The second one is closer to my heart. I have been studying success since 2006, and I don’t find a single book covering all, and many ideas are obtuse, and perhaps unrealistic. Many of the stuff I read, I follow, but as my own version, and it’s working fine. The target is to write a book that encompasses all angles of success and the book is named – Success Mantras. I have officially started on it, and I hope to have it written by the year end.

I hope to share more on professional practices and everything I deem important on this blog. Thanks for following me and appreciate the messages you leave me from time to time.

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Nous Doudican April 21, 2010 at 10:14 AM

Thirty is a major landmark. I have been there, and it’s been twenty two years since. Love your blog, keep it coming.

Wimphrey April 21, 2010 at 10:15 AM

What’s in an age? 30 or 20, it should not matter. Feel young, and do more.


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