Traveling should be a Part of Work


I am strict believer that whatever profession one may be in, if if does not involve travel, the job eventually gets monotonous and stagnant. At the end of the day, it does not matter how exciting your work is, if it does not have the travel effect built into it.

I fly often on business trips and particularly enjoy them even though it means cutting down my sleep time, stress if you’re flying during the peak hours and the associated snarls. But, the fun of going to a new place, other than home means something special.

I am writing this post while waiting in a Kingfisher Lounge, after having a sumptuous breakfast. This is the first time I have been given privileges of a priority customer, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Even if it means getting my pockets emptied, getting priority over others means a lot to my soul than my body. It gives me an air of confidence, which brings me to my point. Buy privileges, albeit it sucks your quids out of your pockets, it has its good omen.

By the way, Kingfisher ladies are the prettiest I have seen. There you go, one more angle of charge-dom.

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