Countries with Biggest Internet Communities

This is hard evidence where marketers should look to, and what content should writers focus on. Here’s the top 20 countries which boast of maximum number of internet users.

1. China

Population: 1330.1 million ( 1.3 billion)
Internet users: 420 million

China is anybody’s guess. With the highest population, and an intellectual population, they were bound to ride atop on any given day. No wonder, Google and other majors bow down before the great wall of china and adhere to all their intimidation policies.

2. United States

Population: 307.2 million
Internet users: 234.4 million

Right on the money again! These are the people who invented most things in our modern lives and why the heck are they in second place. Oh yeah! They don’t reproduce like pigs.

3. Japan

Population: 126.8 million
Internet users: 99.1 million

Surprise! Surprise!

4. India

Population: 1173.1 million (1.2 billion)
Internet users: 81 million

India was my no.3, but nevertheless, they are behind a minute nation. India’s ranking will change in the next three years. My bet is on no.3, and give another decade, US will follow India. But, I do not believe that India will be able to cross the great wall of China.

5. Brazil

Population: 198.7 million
Internet users: 72 million

Most users follow soccer fans alone.

6. Germany

Population: 82.3 million
Internet users: 65.1 million

7. Russia

Population: 139.4 million
Internet users: 59.7 million

8. United Kingdom

Population: 62.3 million
Internet users: 51.4 million

9. France

Population: 64.8 million
Internet users: 44.6 million

10. Nigeria

Population: 152.2 million
Internet users: 44 million

Now I know why there are so many email scams originating from this poor African nation. The art of making money is a gift endowed upon them and they pay taxes too. :)

11. South Korea

Population: 48.6 million
Internet users: 39.4 million

12. Turkey

Population: 77.8 million
Internet users: 35.0 million

13. Iran

Population: 76.9 million
Internet users: 33.2 million

14. Italy

Population: 58.1 million
Internet users: 30.0 million

15. Indonesia

Population: 243 million
Internet users: 30 million

16. Philippines

Population: 99.9 million
Internet users: 29.7 million

17. Spain

Population: 46.5 million
Internet users: 29.1 million

18. Mexico

Population: 111.2 million
Internet users: 27.6 million

19. Canada

Population: 33.5 million
Internet users: 25.1 million

20. Vietnam

Population: 89.6 million
Internet users: 24.3 million

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