Best Workplaces of 2010

Let me begin by asking how important is your workplace in your life when you think about getting things done? For me, it is everything! I am sure many of you will share this feeling as well.

For me, it is not about having a clean workplace but rather having the essentials around me, that I can make use of with least effort. Let me explain. If I am at my desk working on my system, and I get an urgent phone call, and I need to note down a number, I want to have my post-its around me, but not in my face. I should be able to fetch it with a minimum stretch of my hand, and I should have a place where I can stick it, and most importantly, this post-it should be in my face. Likewise, I want to have a notice board and a white board around me, to put up memoirs and to lighten my mood. I have a whole lot of other things I have on my mind, I wont share it at this point in time.

These are my wants, but in reality, they are just wanting to be implemented, and I am waiting to shift to my new home where I can setup my base as dreamed. I will post a pic when my dream workplace is ready.

Talking of workplaces, LifeHacker recently published (link below) the best workplaces of 2010. It is a treat to watch, especially if you put a heavy price on it. Here are some of my favorites.

This one is clean, non-fancy, and non-cluttered. Ideal workplace if you are a writer, with book shelves within reach and three screens for multi-taskers.

This is space saver luxury, for those without partners. It takes minimal effort to get off the bed and getting to work. I once had my bed so close to my computer desk, that I could sit on my bed and work on my computer.

I used to trade heavily a few months back. I wish I had this then.


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