Why Google+ is a Better Bet over Facebook

Although I have a Facebook account, I hardly use it. I just don’t seem to have time for it, and getting on Facebook will keep me away from writing, reading and self learning – which are obviously much higher on my priority list.

I am sure y’all have heard of Google’s very own social network – Google+. I recently fiddled around this application, and I liked what I saw. For starters, I am a Google fan as the integration of all their services make it their greatest strength, and Google+ is IN. Secondly, I trust Google over Facebook when it comes to data privacy. Last but not the least, I think the circles concept makes it worthwhile the time I might put in on the new tool. I don’t have to scroll through pages of mutual friends, and the Facebook groups is just not there yet.

Most of my contacts leverage on gmail, and social networking with known people through known ids makes it a combination that can save plenty of time, and I can practically throw in any service I want at them.

PC World too have pointed out some of the features that I like, and they feel that Google+ is a better alternative over Facebook.

All this said, Google will have certain limitations which could be their strength as well. Their graphic appeal is far fetched, and those who like seeing colorful things with modern designs might not be big on it – this in turn loads pages way faster. Geeks who (obviously) understand Google will jump ship first, and the creatively charged people will follow suit. It is a matter of time, and I am interested to see what Matt is planning behind the scene. Is it the alternative to the traditional email system?

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