Why Should You Maintain a Journal?

Perhaps I am around 20-25 days late this year in writing and publishing this post, but nevertheless, it is essential for everyone to have and maintain a journal irrespective of the date, time and place.

There is a popular saying that goes something like this – if your life is worth living, then it is worth recording. How true! We all value what we have done, what we are doing and what we intend to do in the future. No matter how pessimistic you are about your achievements, you still have that zeal in you to believe that you are better than most. Why? Because we truly believe that our lives are worth it and we have plenty to look forward to – family, money, travels and adventures.

Every minute of our lives, we keep experiencing people, situations and learning among others. We keep retuning our minds for the better depending on our experiences. How much do we actually re-tune considering that our minds are emotional beings and we tend to forget most of the stuff before we get down to doing it? Most of it. So the answer is to keep recording stuff as we experience it in a single repository – and you may very well call it anything and I call it a journal.

why-journalFor me, a journal is a repository where I store information as I see it. I don’t believe in keeping stuff in my mind and transferring it to evernote or some form of a book before I go to bed. You don’t need to be an exclusive member of a witting club like¬† to produce a good journal that will serve you well.¬† I like to record it as quickly as possible since the occurrence. It helps me record most of it as it happened in verbatim. If I had an ill feeling towards a coworker, I would like to put that down as quickly as possible so I know what transpired the feeling and how I felt afterward. By the time I finish writing, I would have found a solution on how to tackle this situation next time around if it does happen. See where I am going with this? Journal is just not a recording tool but a living thing that shows you, reflects your thoughts back to you so you can correct and move on to better things in life.

Napoleon Hill quotes – Whatever the mind can conceive, it can also achieve. So, as you put down things on paper, you are in a good position to put them to action as well. For example, if I felt that I was too judgmental to my colleague, and hence the situation arose, next time around, I can try to ease off and stop being judgmental and give my coworker the benefit of doubt. See, this stuff actually helps me out in becoming a better person.

To conclude, another prime reason to record your thoughts on a journal is to pass on your learning to your kids and family. Your knowledge is the greatest treasure that you can leave behind and not the money in the bank.

Start today, start now. Take out a book, any book and write all that is in your mind. Carry it with you wherever you go and keep writing what you see, think and do. It helps you getting into the vortex of writing a journal and then the rest of the good stuff that I discussed in this blog post will follow.

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