CA Technologies Launches New R&D Center at Bangalore

CA technologies has inaugurated a new R&D center in the silicon valley of India. The new facility in Bangalore can house 400 employees and it is the second such facility in India apart from Hyderabad.

The new facility will focus on emerging technologies such as mobility, digital payments, big data, data science/advanced analytics, devOps and security.

General Manager of New Business Innovation, Ram Varadarajan said – “The CA Bangalore Technology Center will house some of the best and brightest developers and focus on developing solutions that will power our customers’ success. Organic innovation is at the heart of CA, and this new Center will enable greater collaboration and faster product development across a wide range of emerging technologies. Along with our Center in Hyderabad, we are making important investments in research and development in India to tap into the “world-class” talent available in this market.”

Yes it is true that Bangalore houses some of the smartest brains in India, and it is surprising that CA technologies has chosen to enter the city for innovation so late in the day.

It is rather ironic that another R&D center was opened in the original silicon valley – Santa Clara. CA touts both Silicon valleys to contribute to developing new products. The CA Management Cloud for Mobility, a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to enable our customers to seize the opportunities and manage the challenges of the new, mobile economy is one of the new products which has come out of Bangalore and Santa Clara.

“The skilled workforce of India’s Silicon Valley will enable us to develop solutions in emerging domains that will be key to driving our innovation agenda,” said Raj Gopalakrishna, senior vice president, distinguished engineer and center manager, CA Bangalore Technology Center.

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