EXCEL TEMPLATE : Training Attendance and Feedback Forms

I am sharing a couple of MS Excel templates that I used to use back in the day while I trained resources and asked other trainers and learning departments to maintain the artifacts. The templates that I am sharing are training attendance tracker which is absolutely necessary for any organization, especially for IT. Sometime back I had explained why IT organizations must maintain training attendances.

The second template that I am sharing is the training feedback form. Feedback is the breakfast of champions undoubtedly. Feedback is the input for improvements to happen and it applies in trainings as well. The feedback that participants provide is nutrition for the trainer. He must embrace it and take necessary steps if the feedback is not on the positive quadrant.

That being said, feedback anomalies must be discarded. Ex: If one guy states that the way things were demonstrated made no sense while the rest nineteen gave a big thumbs up, it would be prudent to not give too much of importance to what the minority had to say.

Download, use it and let me know what you think about it. Suggest changes and provide feedback on the templates so I can use the inputs to make improvements to the templates.

Here on, you should expect me to share a number of templates that I have been using. I have become charitable I guess. Use it as you feel. Make changes however you need. Take out my website’s logo if you don’t like it. All I ask is to give me feedback through the comments section to improve the templates.

Training Attendance Tracker : Download

Training Feedback Form : Download

Abhinav Kaiser

Abhinav Kaiser is an author and a management consultant. He has authored Reinventing ITIL in the Age of DevOps, Become ITIL Foundation Certified in 7 Days and Workshop in a Box: Communication for IT Professionals. He works as an agile/devops coach in one of the top consulting firms. He advises businesses, organizations and enterprises in the areas of DevOps, IT service management and agile project management frameworks.

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