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Shorter the Sleep; Older the Brain

Hectic work schedules are often accompanied with longer work hours, few hours of socializing and a very few hours of sleep. Working more might get you to places in your career but it ages your brain faster too. While your age associated with your birth runs on a linear scale, your brains tends to age rapidly if you deprive your brain the rest it needs. Although you can use a brain supplement from this can help optimize your mental performance. Longitudinal Aging Brain Study from Singapore has conducted a study on 66 older Chinese adults to study their brain aging in comparison with the sleep they are getting. Older adults are those who are above fifty years of age.

Participants underwent MRI scans to measure brain volume every two years. A number of neuropsychological assessments were conducted to test and keep a track of their cognitive functions.

The sleeping hours and the sleeping patterns were recorded through a questionnaire.

The study unveiled that adults who slept fewer hours showed evidence of faster ventricle enlargement and decline in cognitive performance. Faster ventricle enlargement is associated with the aging process of the brain.

The doctor who has headed this study has recommended that older adults must get seven hours of sleep to keep the brain and heart healthy.

While the results prove that fewer sleeping hours age brains faster in older adults, there is no reason to believe that the pattern could be different for younger adults. It is perhaps sane to take this advice and sleep long, as much as one can to keep our brains away from running out of gas.

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