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DHMO : Eye Opener for Feigning Ignorance

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DHMO stands for Dihydrogen Monoxide. Here are some quick facts about it.

  • DHMO is involved in a number of megalomaniacal catastrophes in the recent past

  • DHMO’s presence is ever increasing and is eating away at the environment’s goodness

  • DHMO is an enabling component of acid rain

  • DHMO is one of the contributors to greenhouse effect

  • DHMO causes soil erosion and is hence indirectly responsible for dwindling of our forests

  • Significant levels of DHMO was found to be responsible for the deaths of millions during the recent tsunamis of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean

  • Inhaling DHMO causes death

  • Prolonged use of DHMO causes tissue damage in humans

  • DHMO is gas form causes human skin to burn

The list goes on. The problem with us is ignorance. There is so much DHMO around us, and we yet do not know how to deal with it. Except for some small pockets – New Zealand parliament has acknowledged this fact and has vowed to reduce the consumption of DHMO.

There is a website dedicated to educate people on the ill effects of DHMO. It provides complete details on this chemical compound. Perhaps you could make some donations as well to mitigate the ill effects of it.

Let me break the individual components of DHMO.

Dihydrogen suggests that there are two parts of hydrogen, and monoxide is one part of oxygen. Let us put the two together in its chemical nomenclature and we get – H2O. Yes, this is water. I have been talking about water all along.

All the facts that are mentioned in the bullets above corresponds to water, and its properties. Inhaling water indeed causes death. Water is one of the components of acid rain. Steam – gaseous form of water causes burns.

DHMO is a hoax. It is a hoax orchestrated by Eric Lechner, Lars Norpchen and Matthew Kaufman. The intent is to bring forth how ignorance in scientific knowledge coupled with detailed analysis and stated facts, and trustworthiness of published content can lead to misplaced fears.

Don’t feel bad about it. Even parliamentarians in New Zealand and in other parts of the world fell to this trick and were about to ban consumption of DHMO aka water.

Content especially on the internet is invalidated and opinionated. Read through and consume only after cross referencing it with sources. I hope that this post on DHMO has been an eye opening drive that will help you stay alert while you consume articles online.

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