ITIL 2011 : Strategy Management for IT Services

One of the new processes that is formally added in ITIL 2011 is the Strategy Management for IT Services (SMITS). In effect, this process had always existed, but not compartmentalized as a full blown process.

As the process name indicates, it falls under Strategy Phase. The objective of this process is to define a direction for IT service management in order to ensure maximum value for the organization, and optimize the efforts and ensure buy in from sponsors.

Any process will have inputs, outputs, triggers and certain activities that take place inside the process. For SMITS, the current plan if any would be a major input. Other inputs could be the current service portfolio, audit reports, service reports, government norms and regulations, customer feedback and vendor strategies among other implicit ones.

What can trigger this process? No IT organization can afford to stay stagnant, their goals change every quarter, and it changes with new business opportunities. There are always mergers and acquisitions lurking around the corner. Budgets and change in environment and government regulations can trigger the SMITS process as well.

The basic running of this process, just as any other ITSM process is based upon PDCA. First, the strategy inputs are assessed and a strategy to go with is generated with all the stakeholders nodding in agreement. Once the strategy is executed, it needs to be regularly measured, monitored and controlled.

Different activities inside the SMITS process generates outputs. Strategy assessment report, strategy plan, tactical plan, strategy reviews and mission and vision for the company are the deliverables of the Strategy Management of IT Services process.


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