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When Words Speak more than Actions

Action speaks louder than words goes the saying. But how far is it practical today?

You end up working your ass off and if you don’t speak about it, how can anyone compliment or reward you on your accomplishments.

Speaking (or communication) is perhaps more important these days than mere actions. In today’s professional world, most employees possess the technical skills and the technological know-how to complete their goals. It is the communication, the manner in which you showcase your work that separates the chaff from the grain.

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History has shown us that the best of the best aren’t really the ones who were best at their skill but rather far ahead in terms of convincing, persuading and inspiring the stakeholders.

Why some people become successful over others, even though they seem to possess the same set of abilities? The successful ones are adept at the art of showcasing the value of their works and highlighting how their work makes a difference to the organization and to the world as a whole. These people will build castles and emotionally connect with their recipients, thereby bringing a whole new dimension to their achievements.

Speaking is everything. The decision maker who can make you a star or leave your lurching behind is your key stakeholder(s). His decision to go in your favor is what you need, hence most precious thing at the point in time for you. So how do you get what you need?

Bring in a connection between your idea with what the stakeholder considers a necessity. Start drawing parallels on how your idea can alleviate the shortcomings that the stakeholder is facing.

Bring in your presentation skills and put in your maximum effort in coming up with what you want to present and how you do it.

Practice what you want to present. Even the best of us practice our skills everyday, practice what we say and how we say it. The more you practice, higher is your confidence and lower the attached stress levels.

Show passion. It is the interest and passion that is behind your work that can move the hardest of minds towards what you desire.

In reality, both actions and words cannot be seen as supplementary but rather complimenting each other.

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