Few KPIs for Configuration Management for Process Interfaces

I am a big fan of the configuration management process. I believe that it is the process that sets the foundation for other processes to function. If you haven’t caught up on my article on which process to address first, here it is: Which ITIL Process to Implement First?

As a continuation of my previous blog post, I would like to go deeper by providing you a few KPIs coming out of configuration management interfacing with other processes. This will illustrate how important the process really is.

Configuration Management helping Incident Management

  • Percentage increase in the first-time resolution (fix)
  • Percentage reduction in service downtime
  • Percentage increase in service availability
  • Percentage decrease in calls to the service desk

Configuration Management supporting Change and Release and Deployment Management

  • Percentage reduction in failed changes
  • Percentage reduction in changes
  • Percentage increase in the accuracy of impact assessment
  • Percentage reduction in incidents caused due to changes
  • Percentage decrease in time taken for planning for changes and releases
  • Percentage decrease in issues arising out of releases

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Likewise, configuration management interfaces with other processes and supports them ably by contributing to the success of the interfacing process and the overall service.

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