Breathing Series : Communication starts with your Breath

You might have heard that communication comes in various forms – written, verbal and body language to name a few. There is an underlying reinforcement that spruces communication, whatever form it may be. Welcome to breathing 101.

You may find it hard to believe, but breathing shapes your communication ability and enhances your communication skills multi-fold. Famous public speakers, politicians, singers and CEOs whose majority of their lives depend on addressing crowds swear by their breath. Literally!

Breathing helps all forms of communication as it acts as a catalyst in the process of transferring oxygen from the atmosphere into our bodies. I have discussed some of the pertinent details in my book Workshop in a Box : Communication Skills for IT Professionals. Breathing, more so, helps in speaking and gives fire to your words.

When the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks, he brings life to what he says. When he speaks, emotions play the songs without a single tune being played. How do you think he does it? Breathing.

When Barack Obama spoke of change, people stopped their chores in their tracks. Why? He had the charisma to attract people and he created the interest that drew people naturally to him. How do you think he did it? Breathing.

I can give a dozen more such examples to expand on the basis that inspires people. If you can discover breathing, you can dream and start treading on the path to success. In this series, I will provide you tidbits on breathing and how you can work on it to improve your overall communication skills.

In India, there is a Yogic art called Pranayama that helps people control their lives through breathing. It is an effective art that helps in the overall improvement including communication. I recommend that you try it out.

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