Breathing Series: Basics of Breathing Part 1

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Breathing Series : Communication starts with your Breath

Breathing Series : Have you felt your Breath?

I may look like a dork writing a post how to breathe. Even a newborn knows how to breathe, right?

Wrong. We believe that breathing is an involuntary activity and we are right. The objective of breathing is to absorb the oxygen in the atmosphere and deliver it to our body. The effectiveness of this activity depends on how much oxygen goes into our body.

Generally speaking, the amount of oxygen that goes in is insufficient. The lack of it makes us tired, does not inspire us to do great things and most importantly, we don’t communicate effectively and efficiently. Other ill effects of breathing are digestion problems, sleep deprivation, skin, muscle, nerve and heart problems to state a few.

I thought I breathed well all these days until I chanced upon some breathing experts who showed me that I was way wrong. It baffled me and I started to (re)learn breathing. I am not at the goal post yet, still, I can feel the difference. I can feel the difference between the oxygen levels that I used to consume and now.

I am a lot more energetic and don’t get headaches as I often did during the second half of my day. My posture has improved greatly which shows in terms of how I communicate and feel confident. I face off with the customer every day and have hourly and daily goals that along with my organization, I try to achieve. In short, I have a job that keeps my stress strings as tight as it can be. And, now I believe that my stress levels are at an all-time low. Another benefit of good breathing technique is the increase in your immunity levels.

In part 2, I will jump directly into how you must breathe and what postures you must keep for maximum benefits.

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