Motivation Series : How do I Motivate Others?

I was consulting with a medium sized banking organization a few years earlier. I happened to be in a meeting where a senior manager addressed his team. I later found out that he hardly gets in a schedule to meet with his team. And the meeting I was in was the first that he had in the past six months.

Any how, in the meeting, after passing a few pleasantries and  complementing the team, he laid out the vision that he set for the team. And then he said – “I want to motivate you to become the best ….

Wait a minute, I thought. What you are saying is totally absurd. You cannot motivate your team to do what you wish to do. That is humanely impossible.

Yes, you can put a gun to their heads and get things done but not motivate them to do what you want. You can also show them candies and get them to act in a certain way, but that won’t last. It will last as long as the fire burns – in other words, people will do as told as long as they remember it and not forever.

How does one motivate others?

Motivation is something that comes from within, and there is no way that one human being can motivate another in doing something that they are not willing to do . The motivation to do must come within. Yes, of course, a mentor can definitely help flock in getting (self) motivated. This is what I am going to focus in this series on motivation. I am never going to claim to motivate you into doing something that you don’t want to.

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