Motivation Series : Alternatives to getting Motivated

Have you ever wondered what the word motivation entails? Do you need to be motivated every day to get on with your life? In other words, are there any alternatives to motivation at all?

Ponder over the questions before reading further.




Perhaps you have always wanted to have motivation to do great things in life, you wanted to be motivated in every aspect of your life. But have you taken a step back to find out what motivation is made of?

I will put the truth out as simply as I could. Your life does not suck oxygen from motivation on a regular basis. Think about the things you do daily. Do you carry on with your life with motivation by your side every single minute? Heck no!

So, what do you cling onto on a regular basis? In my assessment, here are the three most important spokes of our life that keeps us wheeling.

1. Routine

One of the things I read about in The Four Agreements is that we all have routines that keep us flowing day in and day out. My routine is something like this: Alarm starts to shriek. Wake up after a couple snoozes. Drink some hot water. Head to bathroom. Dress up. Eat breakfast. Off to work…

My routine is more or less the same on all weekdays and I just do one thing after another without thinking. In short, something that you do with regularity and without thinking is a routine. And, you don’t need to be motivated to carry through with it.

2. Passion

Passion is a major driving factor. Passion is something that excites you. It is different from motivation. Passion is who you are and motivation is the thing that you put on to become who you want to be.

If you are passionate about something like photography or skiing, you don’t need motivation to do it. You are naturally driven to do it as and when time permits. Or rather, you set aside time to make it happen.

3. Habit

If you are not passionate about what you do and it not being a part of your routine, then you are definitely habituated to it.

People who smoke have a habit of smoking at certain times in a day. If they don’t do it at that time, they start to shiver and feel like a fish out of water. Likewise, somebody who drinks coffee at regular intervals might feel like they are stranded in a desert if there is no coffee around at certain times of the day.

Coming back to our topic on alternatives to motivation, habits can drive people to do things. It could hinge on being good for you or bad. The bottom line is that it drives you to do stuff.

If there are alternatives to motivation, then why should I ever get motivated?

In IT speak, we design high availability with auto failover where if one of the devices fail, the backup device picks it up – without disruption. This backup mechanism is nothing but your motivation.

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