Motivation Series: 10 Ways of Getting Motivated

I have questioned the very need for getting motivated in the first place. I also discussed the alternatives for motivation that keep us going and doing things that we do on a regular basis.

If all these fail, what can be done?

Well, here are ten other ways that you can get motivated. Any one of them could be your smoking gun. Find your panacea and succeed away.

  1. Get Motivated through Books

There are thousands of self-help books and an equal number of audio books. These books help you find peace with your karma, and get you moving in the right direction.

  1. Get Motivated by Finding Your Hindrance

We all have that certain fear that holds us back from doing what we need to do. What if this happens or what if that does not happen on time? Find out what is holding you back and jump on it to see it behind you.

  1. Get Motivated by Planning

Many a time, planning our life gets us moving. The glimpse of a glorious future gives us the impetus to start doing something. Take out your pen and paper and start planning – for starters, plan for what you intend to do tomorrow.

  1. Get Motivated by Momentum

What we need is a little nudge. So, why not start doing something that you must for maybe ten minutes. These initial minutes you put in actually drives you into completing it all the way.

  1. Get Motivated by Concentrating on Your Next Action

If you are not somebody who likes to plan out your entire life, just try planning the next action that you need to take. I need to press my clothes for work tomorrow! At times, thinking as plainly as the upcoming action gets us planning one step at a time.

  1. Get Motivated by Milling Around

Yes, just getting off your butt can get you motivated. Some people may need to run a bit. My teacher in school found her motivation in gardening. What’s yours?

  1. Get Motivated through Incantations

Tony Robbins is big on the power of incantations. In fact, I know some colleagues who talk to themselves by chanting certain phrases. I know some others who believe that incantations are an illusion. You will never know until you jump into the boat!

  1. Get Motivated by Succeeding

Yes, you can get motivated by succeeding at something as little as mowing your lawn. Complete stuff all the way to the end, and see the power that comes of it. This is generally my way of getting motivated.

  1. Get Motivated the Geek Way

Technology is yet another path of motivation for me. I get motivated by discovering new apps that help me track progress, provide me the tools that support my endeavors and attractive GUIs that make me work towards my goals. I encourage you to try it out, it works!

  1. Get Motivated with a Buddy

Most self-help authors and motivational speakers are big on having accountability – through somebody close to you, somebody who can call a spade a spade. Let your buddy join the motivational fun and push you to fruition.

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