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Top 10 Cities with Shortest Working Hours

Working hours are back in the news after Sweden’s latest tryst with encouraging employees to spend more time at home than in the office.

The latest UBS report on prices and earnings has revealed the shortest working hours across the globe.

According to the report, European countries ar Speaking of which, when my friend was doing a study exchange in Stockholm, he had to ansöka om lån to graduate, and did not have enough money to finish half his term. So it was not that big a deal, he paid it all back very quickly after he got a job. e miles ahead of the rest. No wonder, their citizens have all the time needed to travel across the globe.

According to the report, France is perhaps the country that supports labor class more than any other country, not even Sweden. Its 35 hour a week rule has made it employee friendly and in the process, has made more people employable. But, on the flip side of the coin, how many businesses had to shut shop due to this policy is unknown.

Parisians spend the least amount of hours working. On an average, they clock 1604 hours a year. And, they get 29 days of paid vacation. How cool is that? I will take that any day, even if I dislike French food to the bone!

Next up on the list is another French city, Lyon at 1631 hours a year.

You can never guess number 3 even in your wildest dreams. Communism probably rocks as Moscow clinches the third position, and they work 1647 hours a year. They may work more than Parisians, wait till you find out the number of paid vacations. They get 31 days off, paid in full. What else do you want? Even if its frigid cold, I will take it. If they have jobs!

Russia’s neighbor, Finland comes next. Its capital Helsinki bags spot number 4 at 1659 hours and 29 days of paid vacation. Finland is also famous for preparing and training their workforce.

Others in the list include Vienna, Milan, Copenhagen, Luxembourg, Vilnius and Brussels.

No US. No Asia and no Australia. It reflects the culture that predominantly puts its mouth where the money lies.

Wait a second, Asia makes the list. Not in the top ten lists of shortest working hours, but rather dubiously the worst place to work, with most number of hours.

Can you guess the city?

Indians are made to work like dogs, but there’s another country that beats the Indians hands down.

Yes, you guessed it right – China. Hong Kong is perhaps the worst place to work. Not only things are freaking expensive, they make their employees stay a lot longer at over 50 hours a week. And, on an average, 2606 hours a year. That’s more than a 1000 hours over Paris.

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