Finalized Book Contract on ITIL Foundation

I just want to say thank you to my readers who are especially interested in content surrounding ITIL. I have just signed a book contract with an NY publisher to write a book on ITIL Foundation. I would not have pursued with this book if any of you hadn’t pestered me about writing a book on ITIL Foundation.

My book on ITIL Foundation should be ready before the first half in 2016, and it should be on the shelves no later than August. This will be my second book. The first one was on Communication Skills for IT Professionals.

What is special about my ITIL Foundation book? Well, as you are familiar with my writing, I love to tell stories, filled with examples, mostly from the non-IT world. I strongly believe that ITIL is best learned through everyday examples, and it is affirmed by the overwhelming feedback that you have given me over the years.

I started this blog over six years ago. Although I started as a project management blog, it slowly drifted into the service management space, and my name became synonymous with ITIL in the past few years.

I have received plenty of encouragement on my YouTube channel (Abhinav on the Tube), and a number of requests are flowing in for me to do more videos. I will get to it. It is something I wish to start around Christmas time.

My ITIL articles on Abhinav PMP will continue. I will continue to dig deeper into the world of ITIL and will discuss topics that get raked every now and then at work, and in my discussions with other experts.

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