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Top Ten Hot Careers in the US

A study was conducted for determining the top ten hot careers in US as per the 2011 graduating class. The results were somewhat surprising with Healthcare IT bagging the top spot. The study was conducted by University of San Diego extension.

The government has poured in plenty of money for healthcare development, and this has resulted in state of the art advanced technology system for managing and utilizing health information.

There is also a drive to move all technologies to advanced systems, and this has fueled the need for IT technicians who can man these machines.

Some of the jobs that healthcare IT provides are healthcare integration engineer, healthcare systems analyst, clinical IT consultant, and technology support specialist.

Data mining and analytics which is bred for statisticians is No.2 in the list. Geriatric health care, is a booming domain with the age expectancy shooting through the roof. It comes next on the list, and the jobs derived from it could be nursing, personal care and home healthcare.

Cell phones are hot property these days. Applications and development around it pretty molten hot as well, as one might expect. Mobile media is No.4 followed by occupational health and safety – experting safety mechanisms.

The bottom five includes Spanish/English Translation and Interpretation, Sustainable Business Practices and the Greening of all Jobs, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Financial Examiner/Internal Auditor and Healthcare Case Management.

Here’s the top ten hot careers list for US at a glance:

  1. Healthcare Information Technology
  2. Data Mining and Analytics
  3. Geriatric Health Care
  4. Mobile Media
  5. Occupational Health and Safety
  6. Spanish/English Translation and Interpretation
  7. Sustainable Business Practices and the Greening of all Jobs
  8. Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  9. Financial Examiner/Internal Auditor
  10. Healthcare Case Management

The list of hot jobs will change across geography. Different countries specialize in different fields, and the culture plays a definite part in the choosing as well. For example, if you consider India, the list could be topped by doctors, followed by software professionals. Other technical fields would be preferred as well as the number of the engineers who are manufactured in India outnumber the rest of the world hands down.

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