Scientists can Predict Your Lifespan by Testing your Blood

Scientists in UK have finalized their research on a blood test that predicts how long a person would live naturally. If the person is struck by a lightning or run over by a truck, that’s a different story anyway. This test will hit Britain commercially later this year, and will set the eager souls behind by £435.

Telemores is a vital structure on the tips of a person’s chromosomes. The length of it indicates the rate of death, as per the scientists behind the study. The test measures the length of telemores, and determines if the person is older or younger than his chronological age.

It is a fact that people with short telemores have shorter lifespan, but there is no proof that longer telemores lead to a longer lifespan; but it is assumed to be true.

In a way, this test is good for those who like to plan their future. For a person who is estimated to live until 60, can plan retirement at an early age, and do all that he intends to do before he is supposed to be dead.

Life insurance companies can base their premiums based on this test, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they made this test mandatory before people could get life insurance over 70.

I love technology and the advances we are making to improve the quality of our lives. This test, is perhaps taking us down to academics of life, and stripping the fun out of it. I would rather be ignorant and devoid myself of counting the number of days to live for the next 40-50 years.

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