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Most Sought After Skills in the Market

Most Sought After Skills

Do you know what are the most sought after skills in the market?

I am not talking about the banner skills such as cryptocurrency and radiography. But rather the side kicks that breaks the tie when banner skills come up equal.tangential skillsets and the skills that

No these are not the tangential skillsets either! conducted a detailed study with over 30,000 job descriptions from five fields of employment – accounting, graphic design, marketing, sales and software development.

Companies sought certain common unheralded skills hidden away in the jargon of the job description. The most common skillsets that are sought after are captured in the image below.

Sought After Skills (credit

Let’s take the example of software development. Just being a talented software developer is just not enough anymore. You need to be able to clarify the questions that you customer might have and meet his goals by understanding the needs. To do this, communication skills to understand and to relay back with various stakeholders is absolutely imperative. Also other offshoot skillsets for a software development is to understand the business of the customer, have certain number of years of development experience under your belts and to be able to code in more than one language.

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Similarly the skillsets most desired for accounting, marketing, graphic design and sales have also been unearthed.

Going through the skills, what do you think are the most common skills desired across employment areas?

No surprises there – customer service and communication skills.

It is true that professionals who are able to serve their customers well and tell great stories grow greater heights. You have all witnesses that in your peers, seniors and in yourselves.


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