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Are You Not Able to Find a Job? Here’s the Reason!

Let me ask you this. Did you apply for a job which you knew that was rightfully yours because the job description best described your skillsets and the roles that you perform or can perform. After applying for the job, let me guess, you never heard back from anybody. An email said that your application has been regretfully passed on. Let me tell you a secret behind this email. No human ever took a look at your CV and matched it to the job requirements. Artificial intelligence is the culprit.

A Harvard Business School study suggests that AI is the reason why a number of qualified job applicants are not finding jobs. The AI is entrusted to scan resumes and locate certain keywords to take the application forward. Well, it’s not just the keywords. The AI is designed to look at a number of aspects like anybody who has a 6-month break in employment is rejected. If the job applicant had taken the break for maternity or due to covid is unfortunately not taken into consideration.

The reason for employing machines to sort out resumes is due to a great supply of applicants for every job posting. Ten years back, every job posting had an average of 120 applicants. Today, it is no less than 250 applications on an average. To sift through the resumes, getting it done through humans is simply expensive and time consuming, hence the use of AI.

One thing is for sure. AI is doing a crappy job. The unfulfilled job positions has astronomically risen. The study notes that in the US, there were 120 million unfulfilled job openings in the month of June. The number is expected to rise monthly.

With the AI flopping big time, thousands of job applicants are missing out. But there is somebody making a hamper. A number of companies have cropped up overnight promising to help build a resume that would beat the AI algorithm. They claim to have a handle by using the right words and phrases to clear the red flags.

There is no proof that these resume consultants are successfully dodging the AI. There may not be a way to beat it. If you are a job applicant, don’t fall for such resume consultant tricks. The AI that is employed is impenetrable, both by job applicants and by resume consultants.

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