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A Survey on Continuous Testing

A survey was conducted to find out the level of adoption and the maturity of testing that exists in the software industry. The survey named Continuous Testing Report was sponsored and conducted jointly by Capgemini, Sogeti and CA. Continuous Testing is one of the critical pieces in fulfilling a critical DevOps

Understanding ITIL V4 Foundation Exam Pattern

The ITIL V4 Foundation certification was launched late last month and not many things have changed from an exam perspective, from the format front. In this post, you will understand the type of questions you might expect on the ITIL V4 Foundation certification exam. Exam Format As in ITIL V3 Foundation exam, the

Is a Change Request Required for Defect Repair?

As you study for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam or even during your practice as a PMP® credentials holder, you may end up questioning if a change request is required when a defect is found in a project. That seems like a complex question but has a very simple

ITIL V4 Updates

ITIL V4 is here and I am not going to be diplomatic, it is going to be crazy. The changes that it rings in will be put to test, especially now that the ITIL has matured over the years and the number of ITIL practitioners, implementers and designers have groomed. No

What should You do with Non-Performing Resources (NPRs)?

If you believed that you are in the age of information, then you are thoroughly confused. We are in the age of performance. The age when nothing else apart from how you fare matters. There is absolutely no room for squatters in the IT industry. And every organization has a good chunk of those.