Friday, November 16, 2018
Service providers often goof up with their management of IT service operations, thanks to their negligence towards the soft skill that makes or breaks operations - communication. They generally don't value the importance of communication...
Using um or any other filler words make presentations ineffective. Here are eleven tips to avoid them.
As I draw the curtains on the breathing series, I want to leave you with techniques that you can employ to leverage on all the breathing activities you have learnt so far. In this post,...
There is a delicate balance that exists between oxygen and carbon-di-oxide. This balance is critical to our well being.
Bad breathing leads to a number of consequences that prevents us from having a healthy lifestyle and a comfortable future.
The pains and aches you feel in your neck, head and shoulder are the consequences of bad breathing. If you breathe the right way (diaphragmatic breathing), you can keep the pains away and move towards building a healthy lifestyle.
In IT, even if we are in the technical specializations, we will end up writing a document that supports the technical work. Most of us use Microsoft Word to draft the documents and the items that...
In the last episode, I wrote on the basic physiology of breathing and how it has helped me immensely. If you have missed the earlier posts in the series, follow the tag breathing. We are...

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