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Breathing Series: Basics of Breathing Part 2

In the last episode, I wrote on the basic physiology of breathing and how it has helped me immensely. If you have missed the earlier posts in the series, follow the tag breathing. We are exploring the process of breathing for aiding and honing our communication skills. Any questions you may

Breathing Series : Communication starts with your Breath

You might have heard that communication comes in various forms - written, verbal and body language to name a few. There is an underlying reinforcement that spruces communication, whatever form it may be. Welcome to breathing 101. You may find it hard to believe, but breathing shapes your communication ability and enhances your

Handshaking as a Tool for Negotiating

Globally, the accepted body language of professional greeting is in the form of a handshake. People shake hands when they meet, and after concluding the meetings. Why do they shake? Is there more to the shaking than it meets the eye? According to Harvard associate professor Francesca Gino, shaking hands has