Friday, November 16, 2018
I was in China recently, and I thought I could live like the Chinese, feeding on Baidu and We Chat. But, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I started to miss everything that I held...
Good news! If you are a Kindle user, you will be happy to note that you can read your favorite articles on Kindle. Apple has finally opened the gateway on iOS for sharing articles, pictures and...
common passwords
People don't learn. Their passwords are as common as an old shoe. Here's the list of the most common passwords from 2015, and it is no different from the previous years.
Choose your career in software programming with the help of this infographic.
Microsoft Excel is perhaps the most employed tool by IT professionals today. It is undoubtedly the tool for creating reports, storing tabular data and for creating templates. On this blog, the MS Excel templates that...
Ever wondered what happens to your checked-in luggage when you hand it over to the ground staff at the airport? I travel quite a lot, and sometimes my bags come out unscathed and most of the...
As most of you are aware, I work as a management consultant. My job involves defining processes and I use Microsoft Visio for creating swimlanes, architectural diagrams and flowcharts. It is the tool of my...
None of us rely on a single email address. We have multiple email addresses catering to various types of transactions, exigencies and redundancies. And mails are mostly read on cell phones. It is quite frustrating...

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