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25 Worst Passwords in 2013

Take a guess on what the worst possible password is in 2013? Let me give you a hint. In 2012, password was the worst password. In 2013, password has taken the second spot. The list is headed by 123456 which was the second worst in 2012. What do I mean by worst password? I

Volvo to Introduce Self Parking Cars

Volvo is looking far ahead in time by introducing a self parking car - autonomous parking as the company calls it. The car can find an empty space on its own and parallel park - all by itself. This concept will be showcased in a media event next week. The idea

India Objects .RAM Domain Extension

Chrysler produces Ram trucks. Ram as in the animal and not one of the major Indian gods. The company had applied with ICANN to obtain the rights to register domains with .ram extension. India has stepped in and has objected to the application stating that the extension sharing the deity's