Friday, November 16, 2018
Conversation Manager: Can you update me on what was discussed during the meeting? Employee: Actually, nothing that I can gather Manager: Nothing was discussed for over an hour? Employee: They discussed quite a bit, but nothing connected to me Manager:...
I have worked with a number of people who stress out, either with the pressure from their bosses or the workload. They resort to binge eating and other extraneous habits that does more ill than good...
Sleep is the source of success for IT professionals. It provides the necessary ammo to generate ideas and analyze information effectively and efficiently. The infographic provides sleep hacks for IT professionals.
I am a dreamer. Dreams become reality when there is a conscientious effort to move collectively towards it. I called this post a parody originally, but later, I was like - what the heck, it...
Choose your career in software programming with the help of this infographic.
Here are the cities with the shortest working hours - your guide to your next working destination.
Let's face it, as an interviewer, I don't believe everything that I hear from an interviewee. It is my experience that interviewees will tell you what you want to hear, but not the truth, the whole...
  As the world looks to provide cheaper services to its customers at the cost of its employees, Sweden has moved away from the paradigm by implementing six hour workday. Yes, you did read it right. The...

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