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What should You do with Non-Performing Resources (NPRs)?

If you believed that you are in the age of information, then you are thoroughly confused. We are in the age of performance. The age when nothing else apart from how you fare matters. There is absolutely no room for squatters in the IT industry. And every organization has a good chunk of those.

Top Ten Hot Careers in the US

A study was conducted for determining the top ten hot careers in US as per the 2011 graduating class. The results were somewhat surprising with Healthcare IT bagging the top spot. The study was conducted by University of San Diego extension. The government has poured in plenty of money for healthcare

Mindfulness for IT Professionals

Conversation Manager: Can you update me on what was discussed during the meeting? Employee: Actually, nothing that I can gather Manager: Nothing was discussed for over an hour? Employee: They discussed quite a bit, but nothing connected to me Manager: Were you listening? Employee: I was dialled into the bridge, but I was updating my performance