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Incident Management Lifecycle – Incident vs Request

In the second set in the incident management lifecycle series, we look at the very basic distinction that distinguishes incident from a service request. Often, most organizations confuse (some on purpose) incidents with service requests, and both are handled with the same rigor. This keeps things simple, but in hindsight, it

No Whatsapp for Applying Leaves

India boasts of the biggest IT crowd. However, news such as companies distancing from a popular messaging tool such as Whatsapp is disheartening. Companies such as Adidas, Amway, RPG, Hero Group and Jubilant Foodworks are asking their employees to stop using Whatsapp for anything to do with the office, including something

Say Hello to New Google Logo

Google, which turns 17 in a couple of days has made some significant changes to its logo. As the company turns older, the logo seems to head towards youth-ish design. The logo is colorful and looks like it has been picked right out of the comic sans font which was the

Amazon to Enter Travel Market

World's biggest e-retailer is all set to enter the overcrowded travel market. The company is in talks with a number of hotels across the US for a tie-up and work out contracts for commissions on booking. Although the travel market is buzzing with players, there is still room for newcomers to