Thursday, October 18, 2018
India boasts of the biggest IT crowd. However, news such as companies distancing from a popular messaging tool such as Whatsapp is disheartening. Companies such as Adidas, Amway, RPG, Hero Group and Jubilant Foodworks are asking...
LInkedIn has been sued over reminder emails that it sends out to users who fail to accept invites the first time. This is one way you can get rich!
  As the world looks to provide cheaper services to its customers at the cost of its employees, Sweden has moved away from the paradigm by implementing six hour workday. Yes, you did read it right. The...
HP blundered when it put some of its employees on pink slip notice and later denied ever doing it.
Google, which turns 17 in a couple of days has made some significant changes to its logo. As the company turns older, the logo seems to head towards youth-ish design. The logo is colorful and looks...
A Chinese service company allowed their employees to wear a mask to prevent them from putting on false expressions. This day is called No-Face day.
World's biggest e-retailer is all set to enter the over crowded travel market. The company is in talks with a number of hotels across US for a tie-up and work out contracts for commissions on...
CEO of the most envied company in the world, Timothy D Cook has publicly admitted that he is gay and is proud to be one. Earlier today, he wrote for Bloomberg Businessweek about his sexual orientation...

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