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Now You Can Send Articles to Kindle on iPhone

Good news! If you are a Kindle user, you will be happy to note that you can read your favorite articles on Kindle. Apple has finally opened the gateway on iOS for sharing articles, pictures and other items of interest to Kindle. To get this enabled, all that you have to

Apple of China, Xiaomi to Manufacture Phones in India

Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone giant is all set to start manufacturing phones outside China starting July or August this year. They have chosen the city of Chennai and will start manufacturing this year from a leased factory – speculations are rife that the idle Nokia plant could be its manufacturing

Tim Cooks Admits that He’s Gay and is Proud of the Fact

CEO of the most envied company in the world, Timothy D Cook has publicly admitted that he is gay and is proud to be one. Earlier today, he wrote for Bloomberg Businessweek about his sexual orientation and some of his experiences that he had to go through. The fact that Tim Cook

Does Inventive Designations Sound Official?

Yesterday, I blogged on employee invented designations helping them with emotional stresses. During the day after I posted, I started to think more on the subject and it dawned on me whether these titles would indeed sound official. Some of the designations that I discussed in my earlier post were CEO

Godfather of Helvetica, Mike Parker Dead

One of the most used fonts in the world Helvetica, especially in the US has been orphaned by the death of Mike Parker who is considered as the Godfather of Helvetica. He was 85. Although Mike did not create the font himself, he made it popular. Parker joined the Mergenthaler Linotype Company

Apple-1 Auctioned at $671,400 in Germany

The first Apple release, Apple-1 - manufactured in 1976 has fetched $671,400 at an auction in Germany. The buyer wished to remain anonymous and is from Japan and a serial entrepreneur by profession. The original Apple-1, designed by the legendary team Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak was sold at $666. Only 6

Apple most Vulnerable and India Biggest Spammer

Trend Micro has revealed two pieces of information that is sure to blow some of your beliefs away. The first and foremost is regarding the rugged security supposition of Apple products. According to Trend Micro, it is a myth, and Apple is most vulnerable to security attacks. On a vulnerability score of