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Apple of China, Xiaomi to Manufacture Phones in India

Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone giant is all set to start manufacturing phones outside China starting July or August this year. They have chosen the city of Chennai and will start manufacturing this year from a leased factory – speculations are rife that the idle Nokia plant could be its manufacturing

Google Street View Starts from Bangalore

The IT capital of the Eastern hemisphere – Bangalore - is the first city in India to get imaged for Google’s Street View feature in Google Maps. All public locations will be shot using Google cars and trikes. Google Trike – A special vehicle that houses the camera and has three

CA Technologies Launches New R&D Center at Bangalore

CA technologies has inaugurated a new R&D center in the silicon valley of India. The new facility in Bangalore can house 400 employees and it is the second such facility in India apart from Hyderabad. The new facility will focus on emerging technologies such as mobility, digital payments, big data, data

IT Professionals are being Influenced by Jihadis

What could be more shocking than a bomb going off in a crowded market? For me, it is the news that IT professionals are surfing jihadi websites, and sending out emails to Pakistan in the same regard. Security audits conducted in several IT hubs in Bangalore has revealed that some IT