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Emotional Intelligence and Project Management

Emotional intelligence is the ability to monitor your emotions or the emotions of others, and use this to guide your actions. A shorter way to say this is to recognize or regulate emotions in ourselves and others. As project managers, we deal with people all day, every day, and we rely

Communication in Leadership : Say it Right!

More often than not, great leaders possess effective communication skills that make them what they are. Look around. The leaders we have in the world scene today, and in your respective organizations are invariably better communicators than others. Do you think this is a skill that they must possess to

Handshaking as a Tool for Negotiating

Globally, the accepted body language of professional greeting is in the form of a handshake. People shake hands when they meet, and after concluding the meetings. Why do they shake? Is there more to the shaking than it meets the eye? According to Harvard associate professor Francesca Gino, shaking hands has

Project Management starts with People Management

Organizations tend to keep wide distances between project and people managers. Some of the biggest multi-national corporations boast on the structure that shields project managers from people management responsibilities. It is also fact that such companies are not coming out on the top, and have begun look inside for loopholes. Yes,

Verbal vs Non Verbal Communication : Which is more Important?

In the science of communication, there is a notion that non verbal communication is more effective than its verbal counterpart. Several researchers have studied the various types of verbal and non verbal communications and have come out with theories supporting the latter. One such theory is the 7%-38%-55% rule suggested by