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Most Sought After Skills in the Market

Most Sought After Skills

Do you know what are the most sought after skills in the market? I am not talking about the banner skills such as cryptocurrency and radiography. But rather the side kicks that breaks the tie when banner skills come up equal.tangential skillsets and the skills that No these are not the

Importance of Communication in IT Service Operations

Service providers often goof up with their management of IT service operations, thanks to their negligence towards the soft skill that makes or breaks operations - communication. They generally don't value the importance of communication and end up paying for it through escalations, penalties and negative customer ratings. Why is communication

Breathing Series: Basics of Breathing Part 2

In the last episode, I wrote on the basic physiology of breathing and how it has helped me immensely. If you have missed the earlier posts in the series, follow the tag breathing. We are exploring the process of breathing for aiding and honing our communication skills. Any questions you may

Breathing Series: Basics of Breathing Part 1

Story so far: Breathing Series : Communication starts with your Breath Breathing Series : Have you felt your Breath? I may look like a dork writing a post how to breathe. Even a newborn knows how to breathe, right? Wrong. We believe that breathing is an involuntary activity and we are right. The objective

When Words Speak more than Actions

Action speaks louder than words goes the saying. But how far is it practical today? You end up working your ass off and if you don't speak about it, how can anyone compliment or reward you on your accomplishments. Speaking (or communication) is perhaps more important these days than mere actions. In