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Say Hello to New Google Logo

Google, which turns 17 in a couple of days has made some significant changes to its logo. As the company turns older, the logo seems to head towards youth-ish design. The logo is colorful and looks like it has been picked right out of the comic sans font which was the

Don’t Shoot the Thinker : Intro to Thinking Circle

I was in a client meeting last week on a consulting piece of work. As a part of the exercise, I invited the management and the team leaders to a brainstorming session. I started by giving the background and asking people how they would arrive at a solution. Well, as I expected,

Lawsuit Filed against Google for Adsense Fraud

Law firm Hagens Berman that has been working on the xarelto class action but shot to fame when they pulled Google to court over the alleged monopoly in making Google as the default search engine on Android devices is now set for another showdown. The latest lawsuit is against Google

Lenovo Acquires Motorola Mobility from Google

In the second acquisition within a week, Lenovo has entered into an agreement with Google to acquire Motorola Mobility for $2.91 billion. It will give them access to the brand name, trademark portfolio, intellectual property and around 2000 patents. Lenovo has plunged into taking over IBM's low end server business

Two Factor Authentication Comic

A number of social media websites are introducing two factor authentication due to the upbeat success of hackers, and a horrendous rise of identity thefts. Twitter, Facebook and Google are a few to have jumped in readily. The below comic is a satirical illustration of the two factor authentication.Click on

Scroogled Are You?

Microsoft's ammo is loaded with a new e-mail engine and it has openly challenged the opposition - Google through a new website - This website is aimed at highlighting Google's privacy invasion and winning over users onto their side. It is an open secret that Gmail collects data from users, including

Apple most Vulnerable and India Biggest Spammer

Trend Micro has revealed two pieces of information that is sure to blow some of your beliefs away. The first and foremost is regarding the rugged security supposition of Apple products. According to Trend Micro, it is a myth, and Apple is most vulnerable to security attacks. On a vulnerability score of

Why Google+ is a Better Bet over Facebook

Although I have a Facebook account, I hardly use it. I just don't seem to have time for it, and getting on Facebook will keep me away from writing, reading and self learning - which are obviously much higher on my priority list. I am sure y'all have heard of Google's