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IBM Watson can Converse in Japanese

IBM Watson, the artificial intelligence program is now conversant with Japanese, one of the most difficult languages in the world. Watson started to speak English and then picked up Spanish. Japanese is its third language. I wonder how many more languages this multi-lingual program picks up! IBM Watson has tied up

IBM Enforces Pay Cuts for Non Learners

Tech giant IBM has done the unthinkable, at least in the sense of cutting salaries for employees with redundant skills in the US. The company has issued a blanket cut of 10% for all employees who are working on legacy skill-sets. It has given them an ultimatum of six months to

Does Inventive Designations Sound Official?

Yesterday, I blogged on employee invented designations helping them with emotional stresses. During the day after I posted, I started to think more on the subject and it dawned on me whether these titles would indeed sound official. Some of the designations that I discussed in my earlier post were CEO

Lenovo Acquires Motorola Mobility from Google

In the second acquisition within a week, Lenovo has entered into an agreement with Google to acquire Motorola Mobility for $2.91 billion. It will give them access to the brand name, trademark portfolio, intellectual property and around 2000 patents. Lenovo has plunged into taking over IBM's low end server business

Ctrl+Alt+Del a Mistake, Admits Bill Gates

Bill Gates has finally come clean on the combination that is synonymous with Microsoft Windows - Control, Alt and Delete. On the fringes of a Harvard press room session, he admitted to the blunder that got introduced into the original Windows operating system. Gates plainly put the blame on the developer

Yahoo’s Anti Work from Home Policy Makes Good Sense

Yahoo has rebutted the current trend in the IT industry by asking their work from home employees to return to offices. While this has shocked many IT innovators, I can see common sense prevail over practicalities. Work from home is a popular option among many IT organizations, especially those in the

TCS Wins Deutsche Bank Contract

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), one of India's leading IT companies has won a contract with Deutsche Bank's capital markets business unit to provide software solutions to the global corporation. The service provider will setup a service desk for application management and manage application services with ITIL framework. TCS will cater to seven