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What is Service Integration and Management (SIAM)?

Business models are fast changing. They no longer employ a single IT service provider for all their IT needs. Instead, IT responsibilities are shared between multiple suppliers, for example networks outsourced to Supplier A, infrastructure and datacenters to Supplier B and application support to Supplier C. In these scenarios, Plain

ITIL Foundation: Prominent ITIL Roles

Primarily, as per the ITIL service management framework, there are four key roles. Other roles that are identified in ITIL are derivatives of the roles that I am going to discuss today. Here are the roles that are key to ITIL functioning: Service Owner Process Owner Process Manager Process Practitioner Service Owner I

Key ITIL Roles

ITIL broadly segregated the process-related and functional responsibilities to four distinct roles. Process Owner Process Manager Service Owner Process Practitioner The defined roles are mainly within the service provider organization. A number of offshoots of these roles are mentioned throughout the ITIL books such as - change management process owner, incident

TEMPLATE : Major Incident Notification / Announcement

A major part of the incident apart from diagnosing and resolving incident revolves around the communication activities between various parties. For starters, when an incident is notified, the service desk needs to notify the support teams. If the organization has scope for an incident manager to play a part, then

KPIs for an Incident Manager

A key performance indicator (KPI) for a process is an indicator that tells you how the process is running – whether it is going the way it was intended or not. For an incident manager too, there are KPIs that reflect on the performance of the incident manager. The KPIs that