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Futuristic India Shining: A Possibility

I am a dreamer. Dreams become reality when there is a conscientious effort to move collectively towards it. I called this post a parody originally, but later, I was like - what the heck, it can happen, it’s not a parody, but a possibility. Provided… Here are some changes that are

India Objects .RAM Domain Extension

Chrysler produces Ram trucks. Ram as in the animal and not one of the major Indian gods. The company had applied with ICANN to obtain the rights to register domains with .ram extension. India has stepped in and has objected to the application stating that the extension sharing the deity's

H1B Visa may be Raised in the Near Future

There are a number of requests that are cropping up from time to time on the bills to pass and the measures to take to decrease unemployment in the US. A number of actions are talked of such as discouraging outsourcing of work outside the country. And, further capping the

CWG a Success

Talk about rags to riches stories, this one beats them all. The Common Wealth Games held in Delhi was muddled with corruption charges, unhealthy living conditions for athletes and was on the verge of cancellation. Today, the final day of the games, CWG 2010 was declared a success by the

CWG is the National Shame of India

It is disheartening to read that the infrastructure preparation for the Common Wealth Games scheduled to held later this year in New Delhi is running into rough weather almost every day. The latest in line is the village complex which hosts athletes and other support personnel. Stray dogs have inhabited