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ITIL : Reactive vs Proactive

In IT, being reactive and acting proactively are perhaps the most common words thrown in emails and meetings, especially when they are used in the context of IT services. Managers and leadership teams whenever they address their employees emphasize on being proactive. They make it sound as though pro-activeness is all

ITIL : Cost vs Quality

Balancing cost and quality is a puzzle that no organization has been able to rule over. The intended trend is to reduce the cost and increase the quality. It’s like going to a car showroom and expecting to buy an Audi at a price lesser than that of a Camry.

ITIL : Stability vs Responsiveness

In the game of balancing weights and counterweights in ITIL, let us look at the balance between stability and responsiveness. The design of IT services is evaluated on the basis of stability. Stability dictates the availability and reliability of an IT service. For example, in the case of a web hosting

ITIL : Internal IT View vs External Business View

Let’s look at the first type of balance to be achieved in service operations. Internal IT view against External business view. You can see that the two ends of the spectrum are placed on a balance. Internal IT view is management of systems and components by the IT organization. Some examples

Achieving Balances in ITIL Service Operations

Service operations is believed to maintain status quo of IT services - to keep it running as per the design. While this is true, IT services evolve through technological changes and the changing requirements of the customer and the IT environment setup. While maintaining and running existing IT services along