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ITIL Foundation: Characteristics of ITIL Processes

Last week, I took you on a journey into the world of ITIL processes. It is exciting to play with processes, isn't it? Today, I am going to divulge the characteristics of what makes a process complete and objective based. Remember that the following characteristics are common across all ITIL processes. Popularly in

ITIL Foundation: Introduction to ITIL Processes

ITIL started out being process centric when it was conceived, and up until 2007 when version 3 was introduced. And then, ITIL V3 flipped the whole service management and started working its way from the services point of view. However, the process of a definition and what it stood for

ITIL Foundation: Prominent ITIL Roles

Primarily, as per the ITIL service management framework, there are four key roles. Other roles that are identified in ITIL are derivatives of the roles that I am going to discuss today. Here are the roles that are key to ITIL functioning: Service Owner Process Owner Process Manager Process Practitioner Service Owner I

ITIL Foundation: Difference between ITIL Functions and Processes

ITIL is layered on the concept of processes and functions. You need to understand the concept, similarities and the differences between the two to become ITIL foundation certified. Functions are like the specialized teams you have in organizations. To give a few examples: Java team Network team Unix team Database team These

ITIL Foundation : Types of Service Providers

ITIL framework recognizes three types of service providers for providing services to customers of IT services. They are broadly classified as below: Internal Service Provider Shared Service Provider External Service Provider Internal Service Provider In organizations, you typically have business units or a common lingo being verticals. Every business unit operates more