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IBM Watson can Converse in Japanese

IBM Watson, the artificial intelligence program is now conversant with Japanese, one of the most difficult languages in the world. Watson started to speak English and then picked up Spanish. Japanese is its third language. I wonder how many more languages this multi-lingual program picks up! IBM Watson has tied up

Brief History on how Quality got Started in Japan

The Japanese have been the pioneers of quality. From the depths of nuclear bombings in the 1940s to where they are today, their success is attributed to quality. They strived hard to build their country on quality rather than on temporary achievements like efficiency, quick wins and selling of natural

Here are the Best Airlines in the World!

Keeping commitments is a major challenge for airlines around the globe. A number of factors make or break their performances, and their efficiency in keeping up the commitments is something to take note of. Flight Stats has announced the winners of the On-time Performance Service Awards for the year 2012, a recognition