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Understanding Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Key Performance Indicators, popularly abbreviated as KPI is a key component to measure success in all fields. Simply put, they define the measure and the trends that make or break the output of a process or a project. As the name states, they are performance indicators, they indicate whether the performance is on

ITIL : Internal IT View vs External Business View

Let’s look at the first type of balance to be achieved in service operations. Internal IT view against External business view. You can see that the two ends of the spectrum are placed on a balance. Internal IT view is management of systems and components by the IT organization. Some examples

KPIs for an Incident Manager

A key performance indicator (KPI) for a process is an indicator that tells you how the process is running – whether it is going the way it was intended or not. For an incident manager too, there are KPIs that reflect on the performance of the incident manager. The KPIs that