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Does Inventive Designations Sound Official?

Yesterday, I blogged on employee invented designations helping them with emotional stresses. During the day after I posted, I started to think more on the subject and it dawned on me whether these titles would indeed sound official. Some of the designations that I discussed in my earlier post were CEO

Microsoft to Unveil Windows 9 with Start Button in April 2014

Microsoft is in the final stages of testing its latest Windows operating system - Windows 9. The new product is tentatively scheduled to be released in April 2014 at Microsoft's annual build conference. If rumor mills are to be believed, Windows 9 will see the full fledged return of the start

Ctrl+Alt+Del a Mistake, Admits Bill Gates

Bill Gates has finally come clean on the combination that is synonymous with Microsoft Windows - Control, Alt and Delete. On the fringes of a Harvard press room session, he admitted to the blunder that got introduced into the original Windows operating system. Gates plainly put the blame on the developer

Start Button is Back in Windows 8.1

Microsoft has heard millions of users crib about the button that defined Windows over other operating systems. They have considered what consumers want and have announced the bringing back of the start button in Windows 8.1. But... There is a catch. The start button is not the same as what we

Scroogled Are You?

Microsoft's ammo is loaded with a new e-mail engine and it has openly challenged the opposition - Google through a new website - This website is aimed at highlighting Google's privacy invasion and winning over users onto their side. It is an open secret that Gmail collects data from users, including

Apple most Vulnerable and India Biggest Spammer

Trend Micro has revealed two pieces of information that is sure to blow some of your beliefs away. The first and foremost is regarding the rugged security supposition of Apple products. According to Trend Micro, it is a myth, and Apple is most vulnerable to security attacks. On a vulnerability score of

Microsoft India Website Hacked

Bill Gates dared hackers to break into Windows 7 before it was launched. He was confident that Win7 was unbreakable. But, he never looked at his web technology that catered to millions of users who register themselves online. Earlier this weekend, Microsoft India website was hacked black and blue by a