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How do You Define Scope for Agile Projects?

Defining Scope in Agile Projects

In traditional project management, the project scope is defined and accordingly the rest of the planning is carried out. However for Agile projects, where the idea behind the methodology is to provide maximum flexibility in order to direct the scope as and when needed - defining a set scope can

A Survey on Continuous Testing

A survey was conducted to find out the level of adoption and the maturity of testing that exists in the software industry. The survey named Continuous Testing Report was sponsored and conducted jointly by Capgemini, Sogeti and CA. Continuous Testing is one of the critical pieces in fulfilling a critical DevOps

Agile is Common Sense

Agile is everything today, starting from running projects to the outset of people in organizations. Without agile, it seems that the system would break down. Just a decade earlier, it was a newbie trying to make inroads and being off-roaded by biggies of the waterfall generation. What has changed to