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The Three R’s You need for Your PMP Exam

As part of the process of preparing to take the Project Management Professional (PMP®) Exam you have most likely read about the use of a Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM), Roles and Responsibilities, and the Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS). Each of these tools & techniques are discussed within A Guide to

ITIL for Project Managers

Many people in IT believe that ITIL is something that is practiced at a junior level, and management of it is same as anything else. I agree to an extent, but will follow it with some questions. How do you know what your team is doing is the right thing and

Starting Your Project Management Career

Getting started in project management can be tough.  When starting out, there are many questions and challenges to face, and they are different based on your particular background and situation. People who struggle with this come from various backgrounds: Project Newbies - You might be a recent graduate or switching careers.  If

Should a Project Manager be Omniscient?

A project manager is the head of a project. He is involved in all activities that a project undertakes. There are several disciplines involved in a project, and the thought for today is to expect the project manager to know everything, like play god, omniscient? If a project manager is expected