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[INFOGRAPHIC] Do We have to Work 8 Hours a Day?

It is standard these days that people who work for a salary work for eight hours a day excluding the breaks. Project costing and resourcing is also based on this theory. Some countries like India make people work for nine hours - with an eye on reducing their operation costs and

Disturbance Free Vacation : Myth or Reality

The term work-life balance is overused and many a time, it is misused. Most organizations in the name of achieving this balance, create policies that theoretically hopes to achieve it but in reality, it fails miserably. For example, a particular policy could state that an employee is entitled to X number

Yahoo’s Anti Work from Home Policy Makes Good Sense

Yahoo has rebutted the current trend in the IT industry by asking their work from home employees to return to offices. While this has shocked many IT innovators, I can see common sense prevail over practicalities. Work from home is a popular option among many IT organizations, especially those in the